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    Loading QVD data

    Márcio Rodrigo Campestrini



      I'm with a question regarding load QVD data. I'm doing a partial reload (I'm reading 100 lines as script below) and, after loading two files, the total rows on target table (PedidoVenda) is 300 lines and not 200, as was expected.


      Does anyone have an idea why?


      Let $(vL.Ano) = Year(Today(1));

      Let $(vL.Linha) = 100;


      For i = $(vL.Ano) - 1 To $(vL.Ano)


        First $(vL.Linha)

        Load * From $(vG.SharedQVDPath)PedidoVenda_$(i).qvd (qvd);



      Thanks in advance!