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    QDS question. Two servers and some problems.

    Anders Tolf



      I have two servers, 001 and 002.

      On Server 002 is only Publishern (QDS) installed. During the setup I had a lot of problem to start the QDS services and received the 1067 startup error. I run the cmd lodctr/r with no success.

      After I have deleted the Distribution Services Folder on both servers and "re"activated QDS on 001 it was started. Then I again change the QDS settings to 002 and the service started successfully.


      During a heavy reload it seems that 002 working as it should. BUT QDS is still activated on 001 and when I look into the task log in the Distribution Services it look like both 001 & 002 handle the reload. Should I stop the service on 001 with the risk to run into a lot of problem again or is it okay to have the service on both machine?

      What desire if a reload should start on 001 or 002 with these settings??