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    Conditional background using if statement; want to ignore selections?

    Dominic Ayling

      Hi All

      I have a table whose expressions have set analysis to ignore any selections in a field called period, like :

      [CODE]Sum({$<Period=>} Actuals)[/CODE]

      I have a conditional formatting function for the background of this like:

      [CODE]if([4AN - Level 4 Account Name]='Income',RGB(199, 250, 254),if([4AN - Level 4 Account Name]='Non Pay Costs',RGB(255, 202, 202),if([4AN - Level 4 Account Name]='Pay Costs',RGB(185, 255, 185),RGB(205, 201, 201)))) [/CODE]

      The problem I'm having is when people are selecting in Period the expression is giving the same result but the conditional formatting is changing? E.g. it will be showing the income colour, make a selection in period it shows (for some entries) the colour of the default, that is the last RGB value in the nested if?

      Please can anyone advide on how to get this to work please?