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    Section access & windows authentication

    janardhan reddy

      Hi Friends, I need help on this.......

      I was trying to implement section access and windows authentication.(SSO)


      Briefly i will explain how i have configured.


      I have created one excel file with the fields like ACCESS , NTNAME, SH01 , SH02, SH03 LIKE THIS

                                                                            USER, DOMAIN/USERNAME,0,1,1         LIKE THIS THE VALUES ARE THEIR.


      In QVW file ,i have loaded the excel file under section access like...and i have checked the option in document properties ->open->Initial data reduction based on section access. saved the document.I have assigned the document cals for that document.

      In QEMC , i have configured section access in User documents and we dont have QMC( Publisher) and AD also in my server. I have restarted the Qlikview services and manually reloaded the application in server.Its working fine.

      In DSC, ->ldap-> i have added one user e.g my name with windows password( here i have to add or not users with password, i have doubt if the user has changed the windows password then ?)

      In QVWS-> Authentication->I have selected the options like  1) Always 2) Ntlm 3) default web browser.

      In QVS-> i have selected the options like 1) prohibit anamous 2)domain 3) NTFS

      I have checked the app , is section access is working or not , its working fine with given filters or condition.

      But i can't able to login through http://localhost/qlikview/FormLogin.html

      but i can able to view the app with other link( we have created the link in our intranet site).here is asking the username and password.

      here i again dont want to give userid and passwords, for that what i need to do for windows authentication.


      Please its very urgent i have searched so many forums in qlikview community but still i didnt achieve this.


      Please help me out.


      Thanks in advance