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    Is there a faster way to execute the data load script?

      I really like Qlik Sense so far, especially the Cloud feature.


      One thing I find a bit cumbersome: Say I have already opened up an app, and am looking at a sheet, but decide I want to re-load my data.


      To do so, it seems that I have to:

      1) Select Main menu -> Data Load Editor (this closes my sheet)

      2) Select "Load Data"

      3) Close the Data Load Editor

      4) Select my application from the hub

      5) Re-open the sheet I was originally viewing


      It would be much easier if I could just hit a "Re-load Data" button directly from my sheet. Alternatively, having to close the sheet, re-load the data, and then re-open the sheet wouldn't be too bad.


      I see the "Quick Data Load" feature, but that prompts me to open a file. Not what I'm looking for- I'm looking to re-run my load script.


      Perhaps I'm missing something simple?