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      Dear all,

      I have an issue with the average function and set analysis I would like to share with you and if possible get some help.

      The issue is as follows:

      1 - I have to calculate an average of the distinct unit prices for each Substance, Group combinations

      2 - However, if there are more than 5 distinct unit prices the average should only compute using the 5 lowest unit prices calculated amongst the different products within each substance, group

      3 - If the number of distinct unit prices per substance group combination is lower than or equal to 5 then all unit prices should be considered in the average calculation

      It should not be a big deal, however I'm not having the accurate results.

      There are 2 main issues:

      a) the average is not calculated accuratelly when there are more than 5 distinct unit prices (Conditional Average in the QVW table attached)

      b) only when a specific group is selected (out of the ones with more than 5 distinct unit prices) the result is accuratelly fetched.

      I appreciate if you could take a look on the QVW attached and let me know what the hell I'm not doing in order to get the proper results.

      Thank you