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    Server Clustering and Publisher Licensing Scenarios

    Dicky Mohanty

      Hi All,


      We have a current scenario like this below:


      • We have 2 Servers Clustered with a single Server License. Along with that QMC is running, where we have 2 Publishers (2 Publisher Licenses). As a best practice from Qlik and to avoid Performance Issues, we have set '5' as the maximum nodes with a Single Publisher License that a Clustering scenario can afford. Please refer a sample image below for understanding:



      • As per the new scenario (here where the real problem is):
        • we have upgraded our Publisher licences to 6 (4 more added to above 2). But as stated above, we are allowing a max of 5 Nodes with a single Publisher License to the above architecture and we are left with 1 NODE .So to use all the Nodes, we are coming up with an architecture like this below, but the QVS is not able to connect to the new QMC2. Even if it is able to connect, it is getting disconnected from QMC1.

        • So we are not able to use all 6 Nodes using above scenario. We can't build up a new QV Server Cluster as it is cost effective and unbearable as of now.


      Could some one please help/suggest in achieving the desired result, to implement all the NODES using the 1st image?


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