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    Having Trouble Loading OData service to Qlikview Sense

      Hi every one,


      I am new new Qlikview and i was trying to load OData service into Qlikview Sense, its throwing error saying that "LOAD statements only works with LIB:// paths in this script mode".


      If i try with Qlikview11 i am facing any issue , its loading data into dashboard and i can play with it but not in Qlikview sense.

      I spent lot of time but i couldnt make it,Please help me for this issue.


      Qlik view err 1.JPG

      For more information,

      I used QVSource utility to load data from OData service and i used generated script to Qlikview.


      Qlik view err 2.JPG

        • Re: Having Trouble Loading OData service to Qlikview Sense

          Hi Arun,


          In Qlik Sense, the data sources are defined as data "libraries". In this case, you will have to declare that URL as a data connection (web data) in the data connection pane.




          You need to create a Data Connection and select Web File.

          data connection.PNG


          Then, paste the URL from QVSource (not the entire load script, but just the URL in the FROM clause).


          QVsource URL.PNG


          After that, you will see the Web File connection available in the right pane:

          select data.PNG

          And you will be able to select the data:import data.PNG