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    error in macro in access point

    Carlos Dominguez Canseco

      I have a macro that generates Qvds on my personal computer once you make a corresponding function, but when run it on the server (access point) brand me an error that the file can only be read as writing.



      Now use the IE Plugin and several macro commands and I do not its function.

        Not if my path on the server this, if anyone knows where Folder or route will be greatly appreciate it.


      If not use the syntax or other







      Sub ExportCambiosProductos



        set temp = ActiveDocument.GetApplication.GetProperties

        set doc = ActiveDocument



        vUser = Replace(temp.UserName, "\", "_")

        vDate = ActiveDocument.Evaluate("=Date(Now(),'DDMMYYYY_hhmmss')")


        vPath = "QVDs\"


                   vFileName =  vPath & "ActualizacionQVD_"&vUser&"_"&vDate&".qvd"

                      set Graph = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH_ExportCambiosProductos")


                      Graph.ExportEx vFileName, 4



                      msgbox("Autorización Realizada")


      End Sub