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    Numbers on top of each other in P-coord chart

      I'm making my own parallel coordinates chart and I run into the problem of numbers being on top of each other, I know this is done by the line expression equation:



      $(=concat('if(DataIsland1='&chr(39)&DataIsland1&chr(39)&',concat(distinct ['&DataIsland1&']))','&'))&'



      $(=concat('if(textcount(total ['&DataIsland1&'])=0,if(DataIsland1='&chr(39)&DataIsland1&chr(39)&',0.1+((min(['&DataIsland1&'])-min(total ['&DataIsland1&']))/(max(total ['&DataIsland1&'])-min(total ['&DataIsland1&']))),0),if(DataIsland1='&chr(39)&DataIsland1&chr(39)&',0.1+((aggr(nodistinct rank(['&DataIsland1&'],4),['&DataIsland1&'])-1)/rangemax( (count(distinct total ['&DataIsland1&'])-1) ,1 )),0))','+'))




      I was wondering if there was a way I could make it so the numbers are either next to each other, either separated by commas or below each other instead of on top of each other? I know this is a stretch but I thought I'd try here.