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    Set Analysis confusion

      I am not sure how to make this work, and i am sure there are some perfectly good logic to make this work but i cant seem to figure it out.So was hoping someone here in the Community coulde look at my example and explain to me what i need to do to make it show the correct data, preferably with a working example and why it work.


      If you look in the Attached qvw i have created the a pivot table.


      I got these basic Fields:

      • ShipmentID
      • Customer
      • SLA
      • Packages


      I want the view to be as it is when i dont have any selections, but when i select a customer i want it only to show the shipments related to that customer. This "Works" now, but when i Select a customer the 'Total Packages' and '% Packages' Expressions is wrong.


      How shoulde i use set analysis to make this work? or are there some other way to make this work?


      -Lasse Rolstad