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    SetAnalysis+ Aggr

    Sravan Puppala

      Hello Guys,


      I am struggling with this formula to get it correct in Qlikview as in Excelsheet, It involves Setanalysis and Aggr function. I would be thankful if anybody can help me.


      From this sheet, I want the values in Red and Green to be calculated in Qlikview.

      My try is in this .qvw



      Attached Excelsheet and Qlikview application.



        • SetAnalysis+ Aggr


          At a quick look on it I see two problems. I would try to load in the data for product A and B separately as you have no way of distinguish them now.

          Second, when you use aggr, remember to also put in your dimensions (in this case Prod A and B which you need to name as a column)

          aggr(expression, dimension)

          Then you can do the sum. I will have a closer look if I get the time later.