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    Today() variable and time stamp issue

    Neil Deeley

      Hi there,


      I'm pulling date from Access to create a bar chart.


      I have created a variable in my load script which pulls back today:


      LET vTodayTY = Today();


      ...so I can pull out all completed records from the start of the year to this date in the measure:


      sum({$<ChargeableYN={'1'},CompletionDate={">=$(#vFirstDayThisFinancialYear)<=$(#vTodayTY)"}>} [AmountCharged])


      My Completion Date is pulled out of the Access DB like this:


      date(CompletionDate ,'DD/MM/YYYY') as CompletionDate


      I have one record with a CompletionDate of 08/01/2015 10:35:42. This record is not included in my bar chart using the start of the year and the Today() variable. If I change the CompletionDate to the 07/01/2015 it is included.


      Is there a timestamp I'm not removing that is causing this record not to be used as part of the calculation?