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    Straight table condition

      Hi Folks,


      I am new to QlikView and have been trying to find a solution for a problem with no success. Below is the scenario, hope someone can help or guide me in the right direction.


      I have a list box of products and i have created two list boxes from it one of which is in Alternate state, Say Product1 and Product2(Product2 is in Alternate State). I need to select one product from each of the two list boxes and I want a straight table to display two things:

      1. List of Companies which have bought both the products(Once this is acheived then the sales-amount and OrderIDs for the two respective products) and

      2. Similarly List of companies which have bought Product1 but not Product2.


      I need the straight table to display the name of the Company, OrderID and Sales-amount. I am capturing the selection in Product1 into a variable vGroup1 and similarly the second in vGroup2. Once I am successfully able to display the 'right' company names in the straight table then ill go deeper and display the sales-amount for each of the two products and their respective OrderIDs.


      I have been able to display the both in a textbox via the following commands:

      For point 1 = Concat({<ProductName={'$(vGroup1)'}> * <ProductName={'$(vGroup2)'}>}Customers.CompanyName, ', ')

      For point 2 = Concat({<ProductName={'$(vGroup1)'}> - <ProductName={'$(vGroup2)'}>}Customers.CompanyName, ', ')


      But i have tried multiple variations(including Enable Conditional) of the same formula to display it in Straight Table but all it displays is Companies which have bought Product1 or at other times some some different combinations.


      Really appreciate everyones time and efforts....