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    section access not reducing data for ad users

      hello all,


      we are trying to reduce data for users based on operating_unit,


      our customers access qlikview application from our product, authentication is done using a web ticket approach and users can now access the qlikview application without a problem. We don't maintain user data and authentication is done using LDAP.


      Now, we want to implement data reduction using section access. We don't want to have another prompt for user/password, so i created section access script like this:

      SECTION Access;

      LOAD * Inline [


      USER, DOMAIN\X1, *, 87

      USER, DOMAIN\X2, *, 93



      Section Application;


      both the users can access the application and can see the complete data, reduction is not working. if i select strict exclusion, it is prompting for a user/pwd.


      Can anyone tell me how to fix this?