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    year to date

    Suresh Babu

      Hi good morning to all






      i am using above expression for calculating total weight , that show total weight what ever i have in my data.

      But i need Total Weight based on YTD -- current year To Day

                                                       MTD -- current month To Day

                                                       WTD -- current week to Day (sun day to sat day)


      this values are shown in text object   

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          Linus Blomberg

          Hi Suresh Babu,


          I'm completely new to the QDF and have only spent an hour going through the videos so I don't know if there already is support for these kind of things. What I would do is create a number of basic date variables such as MinDate, MaxDate, YearStart, MonthStart etc. and then create a YTD-variable.



          so vYTD would be: %_Date={">=$(=$(vDateYearStart))<=$(=$(vDate))"}

          then you can just add $(vYTD) in your set-analysis.


          Maybe there already built in support for this in QDF I don't know but I'm about to find out.

          Hope I could help