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    QlikSense development for Maps

    Neil Deeley

      Hi there,


      Just a quick question about any proposed development for maps in Qlik Sense:


      Firstly, I`m in the UK and our coordinate system is based on Ordnance Survey British National Grid (Eastings, Northings) rather than Lat / Long. Is there any proposal for Qlik to support other coordinate systems? Otherwise I have alot of data I would have to pre-process using FME which isn't ideal.


      Secondly, it's only possible to add one point layer, with a single measure. Anything in development to add more than one point layer with multiple measures?


      Lastly, in maps I can add either a point layer, or a polygon layer, but not both. Any plans to do so?


      Apologies if these things are available in QlikView but I don't have access to that!