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    Ongoing trouble with ',' and '.'

    Friedrich Hofmann



      my problem is this: I am in Germany, so by default we use the ',' as decimal_separator and the '.' as thousand_separator. QlikView, by default, does it the other way round - and moreover, the ',' is troublesome since it is used as separator between several parameters in a function.


      => I have an Excel_sheet with target_values set by Management. Some of them are in %, so I currently write them with a ',', like > 0,96< for 96%.

      So far, that worked fine - now, however, I need to use that variable with the expansion syntax and format it as %.

      So far I haven't been able to do that because in a PICK(MATCH()) function, the ',' is interpreted as the separator between two parameters. I have to use quotes around the expansion to even get it as > 0,96 < - which isn't so bad - but then I cannot use formatting since the quotes would be mixed up ... (the opening quote around the formatting_code would be interpreted as the closing quote of the value)


      Can anyone give me a hint how to do that?