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    Dashboard Improvisation


      I am new to qlikview, using from last 3 month for a new project on job. I have made my first dashboard for market indicators. The graph in dashboard appearing clumsy as it showing sum of all values. Which is not acceptable by manager. He wants to see the graph area blank, and pnly graph should appear after the selection made. Can i get it done as per expecation. Please help me in this...:-)

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          Ruben Marin

          Hi Akshay,


          In the design tab of the graph you have to option to conditionally show the graph. You can use an expression than counts selected values based on your requirements, ie:

          GetSelectedCount(Year)=1 and GetSelectedCount(Company)=1 --> this will show the graph is there is only one value selected in Year and in company.


          You can also use GetPossibleCount to count possible values instead of selected.


          Also, in general tab you can set a calculation caltion in the same way than 'show conditional', in these case the area of the graph are show, and in case the condition is False, it will can show a custom message. In 'Error messages...' button you can set the message to show.

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              Hey Ruben,


              Thanks a lot for your inputs. Pretty helpful. As i am new to this application, bad with writing expressions. Can u guide in more detail.

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                  Ruben Marin

                  It can be a lot of different requirements and any of them may require diffrent expressions, can you give more detail of what behaviour are you searching?.


                  Usually is enough to limit number of possible values in graph. Say you want to compare products and with more than 10 the graph is difficult to read, so you only want to draw the graph when there are 10 or less products selected, for this you can set, in general tab, the calculate condition to "GetPossibleCount(Product)<=10"


                  GetPossibleCount() --> is a function that returns different values in a field that are included in actual selections

                  Product --> Is the name of the field that identifies a product

                  <=10 --> is the compasion to check if it's true or false


                  In this case if the products filtered are less or equal to 10 it will draw the graph.

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                      Sorry for late relply, as process remain off during weekend. I tried applying your suggestion but its not working. I have Data in following structure


                      Country--Market Indicator--Market Indicator Level1--Market Indicator Level2--values    
                      1.XYZ         AA                       BB                               CC                           xx


                      "The data is desgined is such manner..and data is viewed aginst yearly and quarterly dimensions. So, the graph is desgined with "sum (Values)" and in result the graph is appearing clumpsy. As it is taking sum of all values (whereas, the values are in deifferent units and parameter according indicators. So requirement is to keep the graph field blank. And bars should appear only when the selections are made accordingly.