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    Reload Task Failling


      I have access to SQL Server Database and i use Window Authentication to login.


      Step1: I created a new .qvw file and created a connection string to SQL Server database with Windows authentication(No UserId and Password), Connection tested successful.


      Step2: Wrote a SQL statement to get data from table and reloaded script. I got data and built some charts. Everything Looks fine.


      Step3: Decided to move it into Qlikview server. Copied .qvw to SourceDocuments and created a task with reload option enabled.


      Step4: When executing the task manually/schedule, its getting failed and showing the error Test Connection failed.


      Can someone please help me with this.




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          Peter Cammaert

          On your development machine, the windows account you are logged on with has access to the SQL Server database.


          On the server, the service account of theQlikView services is used to attempt access to the SQL Server database (still running with Windows security). Apparently, that account can't get in.


          Generate a DocumentLog and it will show you the cause of this failure (Settings->Document Properties->General->Generate Log File)


          Solution: In SQL Server, grant access to the target database to the service account.



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            Is it an ODBC or OLE DB connection. Can you try creating the connection string again on the server machine in some dummy qvw and copy paste that into your actual application and re-run it through QMC. Do you have the needed SQL drivers on the server.

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              Colin Albert

              You need to give the service account running the QDS service permissions to access the SQL data, or add a SQL account and then change the data connection in the load script to use SQL authentication using that account instead of windows authentication.