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    Section Access


      I have seen an issue with Section Access on multiple sites and was wondering if anyone else has encountered the same issue and possibly even come up with a solution. Basically in each case I have a Qlikview Document with Section Access using the NTNAME of the user. It all works fine and limits the users correctly upon opening the document. There is one issue that I have however. If I make a cosmetic change to the application and save the changes the application will not let the users open it until I do a reload and then save. This is a bit of an inconvenience so I was hoping that maybe someone has a solution to this problem.

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          Martin Pohl

          Hello Footsie,

          I think your account has limited access to your application. So if you reload the app you only can see and save your datas. Use an admin access who can see all datas.


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              Hi Martin,

              Thanks for the feedback. My account is an admin account with full access to the document. It is the end users who cannot access the document when a change is made and the document is not subsequently reloaded.

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                  Dave Finlay

                  This is a bug as far as I am concerned.

                  I have had the same issues with all QV apps in several sites using various versions behaving in the manner you have described.

                  Anyway did you know that using QV is like using predators when everyone else is wearing wellies?