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    Couldn't change the size of the Object using Qliksense .Net SDK

    Prabhu Appu



      I'm trying to resize a text object in Qliksense using .Net SDK. But it is throwing below error.


      "Accessing layout property while in suspended layout"


      ILocation LocalQliksense = Qlik.Engine.Location.Local;
      IAppIdentifier foundAppIdentifier = LocalQliksense.AppWithName("Retail Sales");
      IApp application = LocalQliksense.App(foundAppIdentifier);
      ISheetList sheetlist = application.GetSheetList();
      var sh = sheetlist.Items.ToList()[0].Info.Id;
      ISheet sheet = application.GetSheet(sh);
      var text1 = sheet.GetTextImage("MyAutoPlacedText1");
      using (sheet.SuspendedLayout)
        var text1Cell = sheet.CellFor(text1);
              text1Cell.SetBounds(1, 2, 2, 2);


      I just used the code from the below link,




      Please help....


      Thanks in Advance


      Prabbhu Appu