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    Sharing Violation

      Hello Experts,


      I am considering isolating publisher from QV server.

      Publisher has heavy load that performs many tasks in minutes simultaneously. It's near real time environments.

      In that case  if the publisher performs reading the documents which a user is reading, I think it may be resulted in a sharing violation.

      If so, is there any way to configure to avoid from a sharing violation ?

      Maybe the same machine or separated machine

      When QVS with the QDS run on the same server or other servers, do lead to the same result?


      Thanks in advance,



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          Peter Cammaert

          There won't be any sharing violations.


          End-users are reading/consulting documents from memory.

          Publisher is reading documents from disk, and even then there won't be any conflict since the publisher works in stages (read & reload source document, NOT user document, save to temporary file, lock user document and write temporary file over user document)

          Whether QVS and QDS run on the same or or a different machine makes no difference.



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              Thank you so much for your quick response.

              If publisher is reloading to QVD file and user QVW reads from same QVD , is it same result ?

              So publisher execute so many tasks in the same time in minutes, it is near real time environments.

              When customers perform specific analysis, QVW reads the data from the QVD in real time.

              In this case, is there no lock for QVD ?



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                  Peter Cammaert

                  No that's a different ball game.


                  When trying to read and write a single QVD at the exact same time, one of the applications (QVWs) will inevitably fail. That's why in enterprise production environments, such phases are serialized. For example, a three step data flow would look like:


                  1. Extract every table from the data source (RDBMS) and create QVDs = ODS
                  2. Read single or multiple source QVDs and create combined or aggregated data QVDs = QDS
                  3. Reload all documents (QVWs) that have their QVDs renewed = Report


                  The publisher will chain these tasks in order 1-2-3 and will only start the next task if the previous one has successfully run to the end  No need to lock things.


                  If you run QVD creation jobs in parallel, use task dependencies to let the next phase start only when the last of the QVD creation tasks has finished.

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                Sunil Chauhan

                This error comes on saving document


                if you get sharing voilation.then try to load it again it will not give you same error