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    Qlikview User Management reports



      Is there any good tools or even built in functionality in Qlikview Management Concoler to print out some admin reports? I would need to get a report of Qlikview users. We are currently running Qlikview small business edition, we have almost 100 licences in use and in total 6-8 active reports. Ofcourse I can go to QMC and see every individual report to come up with the information I am looking for but I am sure there must be a better way to do this


      Report I am looking for would be something like below or atleast includes all that information


      UsersReport 1Report 2Report 3
      User 1xx
      User 2x
      User 3x
      User 4x
      USer 5xxx


      Ëxample above means that 5 users are using in total 8 licences