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    QVW load

      Good morning -

      I am extremely new to QV and have what is probably a basic question.

      My company's BI group creates a refreshed .qvw file everynight and posts it to a shared location.

      I then open QV on my local machine and run a binary script to load that .qvw file Binary [\\path\filename.qvw];


      Is there a way to modify the binary script so i can limit the fields that are loaded?  I really only need to use about half of the available records. Because i am using my local machine the reduced size would be beneficial.

      Thank you.

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          qlik777 view777

          try put write


          where condition under binary statment   like


          where sales>=10000;

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            Gabriel Rocha



            I believe that it isn't possible to do a "partial" binary load.

            One thing that you can do is after the binary load, use "Drop Table" or "Drop Field" to eliminate the data that you don't need.


            Hope it helps.




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              Felix Snijders



              after the binary load you can manipulate all the present tables in your load script so indeed drop fields, tables etc..




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                Clever Anjos

                Binary load is an "all or nothing" feature. All your data will be loaded.


                You can do an aditional scripting to get rid of data you don´t want



                Binary [\\path\filename.qvw];

                noconcatenate load * resident T1 where Month='Jan' // just an example

                drop table T1

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                  Massimo Grossi

                  you can rename the tables and load with a where condition


                  Binary [prova export.qvw];



                  // test comes from binary load

                  rename Table test to test2;




                  load *

                  resident test2

                  where ........somefilter........;


                  drop table test2;

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                    This forum has been extremely helpful. Thank you to all that have pitched in here.

                    So one last question:

                    What if the .qvw file i am loading via the binary script is comprised of several tables.  Do i edit the script to load each table individually?  Or is there a way to reference the entire structure in the LOAD statement?

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                      ISHFAQUE AHMED

                      Dear Adam,


                      This way you can load limited number of records,


                      LET vFirst = 1000;



                      First $(vFirst) LOAD * from table1.xls;



                      Kind regards,

                      Ishfaque Ahmed

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                        Good morning, everyone -

                        I attempted the following script and unfortunately it did not appear to work.  The routine fetched several million records but when i opened a field in QV there was no data, only a structure.  Any ideas on what i did wrong? I am trying to only import records where the %gencampus_id =1.  Table structure attached.


                        Binary [\\path\local_file.qvw];


                        INNER KEEP (FCTLEADACTIVITY) LOAD *

                        RESIDENT FCTLEADACTIVITY

                        WHERE %gencampus_id = 1;

                        DROP TABLE tmp;


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                          Thank you, Michael.  That worked!

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                            Okay, 1 final question and i can hopefully put this to bed.

                            I have prepared the following script to reduce my 3 tables based on the given criteria.  2 are working.  The DIMSTUDENTNEW table is not working correctly.  It is supposed to only load the records where %genmksystudnet_id exists in the FCTLEADACTIVITY table.  Right now it is not filtering any records.  Any suggestions?  (and thanks again to everyone for your help.  This forum has been fantastic.)


                            binary [\\path\file.qvw];

                            LOAD *
                            RESIDENT FCTLEADACTIVITY WHERE (%gencampus_id=1 or %gencampus_id=2) and year(leaddate_timestamp)>=2014;
                            DROP TABLE FCTLEADACTIVITY;



                            LOAD *

                            RESIDENT DIMSTUDENT where exists (%genmksystudent_id, %genmksystudent_id);

                            DROP TABLE DIMSTUDENT;

                            LOAD %gencampus_id,%sycampus_id,campus
                            RESIDENT DIMCAMPUS

                            WHERE (%gencampus_id=1 or %gencampus_id=2);
                            DROP TABLE DIMCAMPUS;

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                                I. Sorin Rusu

                                Adam, you don't have to (must not) put twice the %genmksystudent_id . It will sufffice with

                                RESIDENT DIMSTUDENT where exists (%genmksystudent_id);

                                The second field of the exists() function is an expression. In your case, putting the same field two times will only take the %genmksystudent_id with value %genmksystudent_id. Of course, the field and the value are 99.9% of the times different. Probably always.



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                                    Thank you for the prompt response, Ionut.  Unfortunately that didn't trim the records at all either.  I still end up with my DIMSTUDENTNEW table having %genmksystudent_id records that aren't in the FCTLEADACTIVITYNEW table.  Any other suggestions?

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                                    Michael Solomovich



                                    The exists() function looks for a field in all previously loaded data, not just the previous table.  In your case, it exists in the table DIMSTUDENT.  You can do something like this:



                                    LOAD *, %genmksystudent_id as existingstudent
                                    RESIDENT FCTLEADACTIVITY WHERE (%gencampus_id=1 or %gencampus_id=2) and year(leaddate_timestamp)>=2014;
                                    DROP TABLE FCTLEADACTIVITY;



                                    LOAD *

                                    RESIDENT DIMSTUDENT where exists (existingstudent, %genmksystudent_id);

                                    DROP TABLE DIMSTUDENT;


                                    DROP FIELD existingstudent;