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    Section Access and Reduction issue



      I am having an issue with Section Access and Reduction.  I would like to conditionally show something under the following conditions:


      =if(%EntityTypeId = 2 and (PrimaryUserGeographyLevel = 'Region' or PrimaryUserGeographyLevel = 'Area' or PrimaryUserGeographyLevel = 'Nation'), 1,0)


      Now for this user, their access level is *.  So, for the purpose of testing, I have created a Text Object for the value of PrimaryUserGeographyLevel and posted it to a server and logged in with this user.  My value for PrimaryUserGeographyLevel as a user assigned to * is: '-', as this user is technically assigned to all levels.


      My condition is not working though, as I am having trouble retrieving '*' (or '-') from PrimaryUserGeographyLevel.


      How can I retrieve this value??