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    Error during login

    Jonas Heisterkamp



      I have a problem with the server authentification (Ntlm). If i connect to the Default login page or the qmc i get an error. If i change the login to  "Alternate login page (web form)" the user is able to login.

      Is there a way to change the qmc loginpage to fix my problem temporary?

      does anybody know a group and security policys which cause the problem?

      There is no problem if i call the pages from the server itself.



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          Peter Cammaert

          This is purely Windows AD security.


          Is your QlikView server a (trusted) member of your domain?


          What error message are you getting?

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              Jonas Heisterkamp

              Hi, it's a german System so the error is in german.

              The Error Text  "Fehlerursache" means that the User is not allowed to login at this computer.

              With a remote session on the server it is no problem, that confuses me.


              Here the Error Code discription:



              1. The username and password are correct, but there is an account restriction on the user account (such as valid workstation, valid logon hours, etc.). The value under SubStatus should provide the restriction details.

              2. Active Directory Replication may not be complete



              German Windows Log:


              Sicherheits-ID: NULL SID

              Kontoname: -

              Kontodomäne: -

              Anmelde-ID: 0x0


              Anmeldetyp: 3


              Konto, für das die Anmeldung fehlgeschlagen ist:

              Sicherheits-ID: NULL SID

              Kontoname: cosmoqlik

              Kontodomäne: domkws1



              Fehlerursache: Der Benutzer ist nicht berechtigt, sich an diesem Computer anzumelden.

              Status: 0xC000006E

              Unterstatus:: 0xC0000070



              Aufrufprozess-ID: 0x0

              Aufrufprozessname:     -



              Arbeitsstationsname:   T430-1

              Quellnetzwerkadresse: -

              Quellport: -


              Detaillierte Authentifizierungsinformationen:

              Anmeldeprozess: NtLmSsp

              Authentifizierungspaket: NTLM

              Übertragene Dienste:   -

              Paketname (nur NTLM): -

              Schlüssellänge: 0