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    Expressor Write Table: Normal vs. Bulk Load

      In an attempt to understand Expressor better, I was wondering if someone could provide some information on the differences between 'Normal' and 'Bulk Load' in a Write Table Operator (or point me to some resources that explain it better).  The help file states:


      • Normal mode writes (inserts) records to the table.
      • Bulk mode writes (inserts) multiple records as a group to the table

      It also states that Database Errors are not handled by the Write Table Operator when Bulk Load is set. And Partitioning is not supported in Bulk mode.  But I've found nothing that tells me exactly how they are they are different, mechanically.


      How are their INSERTS mechanically/functionally different?

      What are the pros and cons of each?

      Does one have better performance?

      Are there situations where one is better than the other?


      Any information is appreciated.  Thanks!