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    FULL and COMPLETE syntax for INCLUDE statement

      Trying to use this as we are changing db configurations, and I want to keep all the connections in separate Include files, so that I only need to update them once.


      I entered in my script:


      $(include = R:\IncludeFiles\ActivityDB.txt);


      It showed up in italics, with the entire line underlined in red (usually indicates an error!).


      Wasn't recognized - that is, script threw up errors that it couldn't access the db


      Tried $(Must_Include = R:\IncludeFiles\ActivityDB.txt);; Got the message "Connection failed"


      Two things: What is the correct syntax for this command? I followed what was shown in the Help file exactly. Does it need to be

      prefaced with something (e.g. the "OLEDB Connect"?).


      Second: if anyone from QlikTech is reading this, PLEASE, PLEASE update your documentation search engine!! I suggest that someone try searching for "Include" or "$(Include" or anything, and getting a meaningful result from the search engine. It was only when I tried to search for "Must_Include" that I found the entry.