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    Work around for wildcard in data reduction?

      I have developed an application that contains several clients data within it. I am trying to use Section Access to determine which org units to load. Org units change and, rather than constantly going into the table and adding and subtracting units, I was hoping to use an asterisk as a wildcard since their is a naming system in place (numbers leading by a client abbreviation). After some research I've learned that wildcards will not be recognized. Is there a work around?




      Org Units

      MIC - 001

      MIC - 002

      APP - 045


      Section App:




      I've tried to use section access/application to data reduce a client field. Then in another table have a list of clients and their org unit abbreviation + wildcard.


      Limit      Client

      1               *

      2              Microsoft

      3               Apple



      Client:         Org Units

      Microsoft     MIC*

      Apple          APP*


      However this results in the user seeing everything.