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    How to display the dynamic start time?

      Hi everyone,


      I'm dealing with a sea port problem. Currently, I've got the stacked bar chart of total operation times of different block(y axis) of each time bucket(x axis). Now I need to compare this chart with the vessel actual berthing time to see which vessel cause obvious increase to the operation times. I tried reference line but it didn't work .Now I can only use outside script to obtain the berthing time and use a transparent chart on the bottom like the attachment 1. Every small stack has an actual berthing time value, and many share one value.


      The problem of attachment 1 is the pop-up can not be displayed since it's in the bottom. Is it possible to achieve the effect like attachment 2? I mean make the arrow part of the chart and the relative vessel information can be shown.



      Any one can help? A lot of thanks.