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    Report is Hanging at end of Reload - Advice Needed!

      Hi Everyone,

      I can't find any other posts about this but I'm hoping someone can help. I've got a file that is calling various pieces of data in from both an oracle based database and some reference excel spreadsheets, but it's not that complicated and there's not that much data. The reload goes fine (although quite slow) ... I can watch progress and see it get to the end of the script but then it just sits there, doing nothing that I can see. At the same time the CPU load from QV.exe goes way up and sits at 50% for ages ... I've got bored and just closed it several times now but am trying to be patient this time (20 mins and counting ...). I have to force the whole application to close because it stops responding to anything which is very frustrating.

      I've got a log file generating but this doesn't show any problems. I'm working with V9 SR4 ...