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    iPad resolution problem

      Hi all,

      I am having problems in fixing the resolution for iPad. My dashboard is:

      1. Landscape-Not sure of the resolution-Need massive help here....I just know that the resolution should be somewhat
      2. I want the db to be in opened only in the Landscape view so I want to implement a restriction for the user so that whenever they open the db (basically in ipad), they will be shown in the landscape view---


      Please help me out. waiting for the reply

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          Evgenii Skrebanov



          iPAD landcape or portrait modes are controlled by gyro sensor. Its settings are global commonly, to every app in iPAD, instead of apps that controls gyro settings.


          So the way you do is to educate QlikView app how to check which mode is now used by the user on iPAD, landscape or portrait and basing on this condition show or hide te data. But I can't imagine any simple way to do that in manner cost of development\value.


          Another way try to find "RetinaPad" from Ryan Petrich and similar apps, that allows you to set up which apps in which mode will be run on the device. So if you'll set up that native iPAD QV App will be run in landscape mode only, it could help you.


          It will restrict any other modes for QV App, so it will be run allways in landscape.

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              ok. But the thing is that they will be accessing it through website and when they login through that I want the dashboard to open automatically in landscape mode and then restrict the user to see the db in portrait mode. Also I wanted to know if there is any kind of document settings or sheet settings that I should be aware of.

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                  Evgenii Skrebanov

                  So, your issue is not in the resolution, but is in the usage of QV app. You can not configure from the browser to allow web app control the iPAD hardware, as it needs rights to do that, so I don't see if any macro will help you.


                  But extension object could help possibly which will be allways somewhere in the document and its task will be to get  the state of an iPAD or some any other coding you could imagine that will do the following: UIDevice Class Reference


                  There is method Orientation in UIdevice, so the way you need to go is getting the value from iOS which value is stored right now in Method of UIDevice class.