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    Stacked bar chart when more than one fields are there


      Imagine "Team" is a field and Less than 6,Above 5 below 20 and Above 20 is also field in a table. I would like a do the following in a bar chart. I am finding it very difficult Less than 6,Above 5 below 20 and Above 20 is a seperate field(Column) how can I bring that in a stack. That is my question?

      Hope some might have come across same kind of requirement. Hope they can help me out


      Team = QlikView, Less than 6 = 5, Above 5 below 20 = 5, Above 20 = 5

      What I would like to display, is a bar chart, by team, but shows a stacked column with sub divisions of less than 6, above 5 below 20, and above 20

      Effectively, for the line above, it would show a single bar column for Homeworking with 3 x 1/3 segments (each representing the value of 5)

      Need some thing like below one: (See the comment in the screen shot)

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