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    QVD corrupted



      I am facing issue with a QVD file where we store history of data. Recently it got "corrupted" on our server (not sure why or how) and most of the data that was present in it is not showing anymore in QlikView (meaning I had 2 year data of history and now I can only see in lakhs ). QVW app has been running for more than 3 months and nothing  happened on the server (no upgrade, no change in the qlikview app)


      I load the QVD file in qlikview I can see 16 crore record in table viewer i.e correct count but when I am searching in list box data is not coming.

      The size of this QVD is 1.5 GB: if I load it in Qlikview Developer (11.20 SR4 x64) and use the STORE command to save it under a new name the file size drop to only 400 MB .

      Can anyone explain me how it is possible or why QVD is corrupted?


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          Srikanth P

          We dont know why QVD file got corrupted. Generally, while saving the data QVD it take some time depend on the size. on particular instance time, Qlikview took lot of system resources depends on the file size. If the server not avaliable at that time we may loose some data.


          May be you need to come with some other QVD storage strategy to avoid this. It better break the QVD into Quarterly or Monthly. Even though if you loose the data, recovery won't take much time