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    Sence Governance Dashboard

    Lars Plenge


      Is the Governance Dashboard available in Qlik Sence?



      Lars Plenge - NNIT - Denmark

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          Tyler Waterfall

          lars.plenge - The equivalent to the Governance Dashboard is "found" in the QMC under the Governance section.  These really are two qvf apps that pull in the Sense log data to provide historical operational data (Operations Monitor app) and licensing data (License Monitor).  The apps are significantly different from the Governance Dashboard: some things are not available (most notably app metadata and data lineage), while other things are (most notably reload history and clearer license usage history).


          No separate install or import is required - the apps are available with hourly reload tasks when you install Sense.


          The only configuration required would be if you changed the default folder for sense.  This would require modification of the two Data Connections (in QMC) used by these apps, namely the ServerLogFolder and ArchivedLogsFolder data connections.


          You can read more about the "Governance Apps" in the documentation.


          Some screen shots from the Operations Monitor: