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    Help with line chart,please

    Erik Fröberg

      Hi all,

      I have an issue with a line chart:linechartissue.jpg

      For some reason the red "Beta" data is still shown when there is no data, and it interferes with the data that should be present. In the upper graph, its tail covers the "Alfa" data. In the two graphs in the right the data is presented as expected.

      It seems like the "Beta" draws a straight line from its last value to the last value present in the graph. This is clearly seen when selecting to suppress zero values in the lower left graph.


      * One "solution" is to  fill up "Beta" with zeros, but I don't want to do that since it gives unwanted behaviour in other places.

      I have attached the .qvw file from which the screendump is taken.

      * If I put "Alfa" on top of "Beta" it also works, but in my real application I have many more data sets and they are dynamic, so I don't want to try to sort them.


      Can someone please explain why this happens and how I can get rid of the tail of non-existing values??


      Thanks in advance for your attention.