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    Qlik Sense Binary Load

    Florian Salfenmoser



      I have a Problem with the Qlik Sense Binary Load, hopefully you guys can help me.


      I try to load a QlikView V 11.2 latest SR QVW with the Binary Load into Qlik Sense:


      Thats the Binary Load (Yes, its the first statement in the script =) ):


      Binary [lib://TPA_QVEntwicklung2/LO_2_ONE-TPA.qvw];

      The Library object behind the Binary Load points to a UNC-Path to a QlikView-Server, because i always want to load to newest deployed QlikView QVW into Qlik Sense.


      I have full acces to the UNC-Path, i can load all other documents like logfiles of some Data from the project Folder of the QVW, whicht resides at this path.


      Only the Binary Load doenst work. The log says:


      16.01.2015 17:36:50: 0002  Binary [lib://TPA_QVEntwicklung2/LO_2_ONE-TPA.qvw]

      16.01.2015 17:36:50:       General Script Error

      16.01.2015 17:36:50:       Execution Failed

      16.01.2015 17:36:50:      Execution finished.


      Has someone the same Problem ? Can someone help me ?


      Than you very much.