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    Exclude after using Where clause or other methods.

      Hi Have a Table where I pull information form and place it in to the Combined table I create. I want to add the report names, which adds fine, but it also adds junk I don't want, which I can filter based on a 'Event_Type_Name' field and its row called 'Object Instance'. The junk are Object Instances.


      // First I create the table from another table.



        Event_ID as Combined_EventID,

        User_Name as Combined_UserName

      Resident ADS_EVENT;


      //Then I add report names to it, the Object Name field has any kind of object so I have to separate the data using IDs.


      left join (Combined)


        Event_ID as Combined_EventID,

        Object_Name as Report_Names,

        Object_Type_ID as Report_ID


      Resident ADS_EVENT

      Where match(Object_Type_ID,'AYfjfcAV7cNPh33akDfm2RE'); 


      //What I want to do after the report names have been pulled is to filter out the junk by telling the script to filter out anything that's considered an Object Instance.


      Please let me know if I need to clarify more.