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    What is YTD and how it has to be calculated


      My manager wanted me to do YTD(YearToDate). I don't know what exactly it is? Can some one please explain me to understand the same.

      1. Some one is telling that YTD means Starting of the year to till date. i,e 1st of jan to Today's date.

      2. Some one said that it is used to compare the previous year sale and current year sale.

      So I confused which one of these is correct. If both are incorrect please let me know what is YTD and how it has to be calculated.


        • What is YTD and how it has to be calculated


          As far as I know, both are correct.

          The YTD function means to aggregate something from the Januray 1st until today, and it's usually used for comparison to last year YTD.

          You also have this function in the QlikView itself:

          YearToDate( date [, yearoffset [, firstmonth [, todaydate]]] )

          Returns true if date falls within the year to date, else false. If none of

          the optional parameters are used, the year to date means any date

          within one calendar year from January 1 up to and including the

          date of the last script execution.

          By specifying a yearoffset (0 if omitted), the function can be transposed

          to return true for the same period in another year. Negative

          yearoffset indicates previous years while a positive value indicates

          coming years. Last year to date is achieved by specifying yearoffset= -1.

          By specifying a firstmonth between 1 and 12 (1 if omitted), the

          beginning of the year may be moved forward to the first day of any

          month. If you e.g. want to work with a fiscal year starting May 1,

          you may specify firstmonth = 5.

          By specifying a todaydate (time of last script execution if omitted),

          you may move the day used as the upper boundary of the period.




          • What is YTD and how it has to be calculated


            YTD has different standard and meaning which can differ from company to company.

            1. Its Starting Year to Current selected date

            2. financial Year to current selection date .


            Last year YTD and Current year YTD are for comparison.


            I would suggest you to take inputs from the user that in what terms he would like to see "YTD".

            and as Mr.Paul suggested use SET analysis for the same.