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    I do not see the sheet created at runtime

    corchi corchi72

      Sorry but I just can not understand do'm wrong ... I'm trying to create a sheet at runtime from a C # program, but if I move in the browser do not see anything.



      Here in my code



      using System;

      using System.Collections.Generic;

      using System.ComponentModel;

      using System.Data;

      using System.Drawing;

      using System.Linq;

      using System.Text;

      using System.Threading.Tasks;

      using System.Windows.Forms;

      using Qlik.Engine;

      using Qlik.Sense.Client;

      using Qlik.Sense.Client.Visualizations;



      namespace WindowsFormsApplication1


          public partial class Form1 : Form


              public Form1()






              private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)







                  ILocation location;

                  //= Qlik.Engine.Location.Local;


                  location = Qlik.Engine.Location.Local;




                  using (IHub hub = location.Hub())


                      label1.Text = hub.QvVersion();






              private void btnSheet_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


                  ILocation LocalQliksense = Qlik.Engine.Location.Local;

                  IAppIdentifier foundAppIdentifier = LocalQliksense.AppWithName("xx2");

                  IApp application = LocalQliksense.App(foundAppIdentifier);



                  ISheet mySheet = application.CreateSheet("mySheet");

                  if (mySheet != null)



                      mySheet.Properties.MetaDef.Title = "Title Sheet";

                      mySheet.Properties.Rank = 3;











      Thanks corchi