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    total sum is not correct

      Hi everybody,


      I have a problem with a sum in Qlikview.

      The column DefTax STBADJ is calculated with a percentage. The percentage is dependant on the KontoID.

      The Detailed lines are correct, but not the TotalLines [called "Gesamt"].


      DefTax STBADJ:




      if(KontoID='60740', -Körperschaftsteuersatz*[Akt. Jahr STBADJ], if(KontoID='60746',-Gewerbesteuersatz*[Akt. Jahr STBADJ],
      [Akt. Jahr STBADJ]))



      I think the Total-Line is calculating with the percentage from the Total-Line.

      But this should not be done.


      Does anybody knows a solution?

      Very much thanks in advance.