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    Load Issue - Like Numbers Combining Records

      I have a model where I am loading information from a table.


      The customer_number field is a nchar(10) and the customer_name field is a nchar(36)


      I have 2 customers in the table

      Customer NumberCustomer Name
      0090060    USGS - National Wildlife Health Cent
      090060   Village of Wellington             


      I am loading only these 2 columns in this table to try and see what the issue is.


      So my load looks like the following


      "Customer number" as [Dim_Customers_CustomerNumber],
      "Customer name";
      SQL SELECT //"Dim_Customers_dKey",
      LTRIM(RTRIM(CAST("Customer number" as Varchar(10)))) as "Customer number",
      "Customer name"
      FROM [Dim_Customers];


      When I run the load I am getting one customer number of 090060 for both customer names.  Why?  Help?


      I am currently running QlikView 11.20.12235.0 SR5 64-bit.


      Thank you for your help in advance.