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    Redirect user to referring page after logout

    Leslie Blumenfeld

      Our QlikView access point will be called from a page of another application. When the user logs out (clicks the "sign out" link) we need to return the user to the page that originally called the access point.



      1. User is on page X.

      2. User clicks link to get to the access point.

      3. User is redirected to the access point and logged in (method not important here).

      4. User views one or more dashboards.

      5. User clicks the "Sign Off" link at top left.

      6. User is logged out of QlikView (already happens now).

      7. User is redirected back to page X.


      We need to make step 7 happen. Is there a good sample or explanation of how to do this?



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          Peter Cammaert

          Wow, this is some heavy stuff. It boils down to the resident web server (QVWS, IIS, ...?) remembering the referring page from step 2 for you and letting your browser redirect you back to that page during step 7... It's a pity that you only have a session logged when you open a QlikView document, which is not the same as simply paying a visit to the Access Point.


          Also keep in mind that if you plan to use AD authentication and SSO, there isn't really a login-logout process. The server will simply recognize you as an authenticated user with sufficient rights on every request for a page/image/css/etc that you make. Moreover, pressing Back twice after clicking the Close document link (top right) will also bring you back to the referring page. Hmm...


          May require you to rewrite some of the code of the Access Point page.

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              Leslie Blumenfeld



              Thanks. I realize that I should have provided a little more detail. We are using QVWS. The user is credentialed via header authentication and I know that QV is setting an authentication cookie even if a document isn't opened. Due to other aspects of the infrastructure, we need to physically log out the user when they are done, hence the sign off button.


              I don't see any readily available process that QlikView gives me to specify a target URL after logout. I know that there is an option for a custom page, but I can't find any good info on that to see if it is what I need.


              I'm hoping if I do indeed need to write my own login and logout process, that QlikView gives me a fairly seamless way to do this. Any idea where I can find out to more info?



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              Bill Britt

              There was a setting for this in version 10, but they have removed it.



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                Leslie Blumenfeld

                Does anyone know if there is a prescribed process for modifying the login/logout, or do I just change the code of the shipped files?