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    Is there a vlookup function in QV

    ben lim

      Hi all, I have two tables namely :Connectivity and Vessel_Details


      In the Vessel Details , I have the following fields : Vessel_Name, Voyage_No and Vessel_Direction. This contains a list of ALL vessels


      For the Connectivity I have, Load_Vessel_Name ,Load Voyage_No, Disc_Vessel_Name, Disc_Voy. This shows the connection between vessels that discharge and vessels that load


      Note that the Load_Vessel_Name and Load_Voyage are connected to Vessel Details Vessel_Name and Voyage_No. Hence I am able to get the Load_Vessel_Direction by using Vessel Direction.This is done through connectivity_Key


      However, I am stuck as I would need to create Disc_Direction by using 'mapping' on the Vessel_Name and Voyage_No. Is there anywhere i can do this in script level


      I have attached the file. I need a new field call Disc_Direction