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    Best Practices to Concatenate Multiple Fact Tables?

    Dicky Mohanty

      Hi All,


      I have a scenario where I am calculating 7 Metrics (KPIs) and are stored in 7 Tables/QVDs (Fact tables). My target is to Concatenate all the tables into a Single table to form a Star Schema (I already have my dimension tables).


      I want to know in a cleared way, what would be the BEST PRACTICES/ THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND, while concatenating multiple Fact Tables into a single one. (I already have the documents/links shared in community, but still want to know more in my case.) Please help.


      For example, I have 3 Metrics as of now in 3 Tables (Fact A, Fact B, Fact C).

      Fact A is at Month and Supplier ID level.

      Fact B is at Month and Supplier ID level.

      Fact C is at Month, Supplier ID an Plant ID level.


      (Similarly the other Facts are at some level, which I need to merge.).


      In the example scenario, what could be the Best Way to concatenate. What are the things to be taken care of?


      N.B: The Dimension Tables I have are: DATE_DIM, SUPPLIER_DIM, PLANT_DIM (and few others).