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    macro execution within server environment and how's showed in AccessPoint


      Hi all,


      I have a theoretical question involving Access Point and macros executed on the back-end server within two QV documents hosted in it.


      In my local machine I have two QV documents in the same directory: QV1, which has a button that triggers a macro that opens QV2 and, at the same time, changes the value for a common variable (vProcedencia) in both documents. The points is that QV2 updates this variable’s value by the macro executed from QV1.


      This is the macro triggered from QV1’s button and works fine in my local environment:




      sub OpenDoc

          set App = ActiveDocument.GetApplication

          set newdoc = App.OpenDoc(".\QV2.qvw")

          Set v = ActiveDocument.Variables("vProcedencia")

          Set v2 = newDoc.Variables("vProcedencia")

          v2.SetContent v.GetContent.String, true   

      end sub


      My questions is if it is possible that this behaviour would be reproduced in AccessPoint as well, and, in positive case, I’d like to know the considerations I would have to take into account in order to achieve this result.


      Thanks in advanced and regards,