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    Moving Server into another Server

    Anton Wibowo

      Hi guys,


      Just wondering if could help me with this. We have installed QlikSense server successfully into a Virtual environment (let's call it MyServer1). I'm thinking of moving this environment into Azure, and will call the new environment MyAzureServer. When I've done that, I got error 500, and I believe it's due to the name differences.


      My question is:

      1. Is there a way for me to configure it (ini file, etc.) to point it to MyAzureServer or do I need to re-install the sense server in order to do that? If I were to do the latter, will I lose all the users and settings that I have added up to this point?


      2. Either I need to the new environment to use the old name (MyServer1) or to change some configuration settings (ini, etc.) to use the new name (MyAzureServer), I assume I need to re-register the certificate again?


      2. Is there any specific configuration changes/ports to install QlikSense Server on Azure?


      I appreciate your help and thank you in advance.