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    Web Ticketing - Open document url parameters issues

    Koen Biesemans



      I'm trying to deploy a webticketing. I can get my ticket but the redirection is made only with the first parameter in the url.


      In the adresse bar I can see that url : http://localhost/QVAJAXZFC/opendoc.htm?host=QVS@test.


      It looks like it doesn't take my second parameter.


      Here is my instruction :


      RedirectLink = HttpUtility.UrlEncode("authenticate.aspx?type=html&try=" + HttpUtility.UrlEncode("http://localhost/QVAJAXZFC/opendoc.htm?host=QVS@test&document=" + document + "&back=/LoginPage.htm&webticket=" + ticket));


      I also tried with the webticketing exemple (Webticket.aspx) without the URL encoding, the problem still occurs.


      Is someone have a idea how to resolve that problem ?


      Thanks in advnce