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    QlikView iOS App - Test Site With Self Signed Certificate

    Louis Winter

      We are working on a QlikView authentication solution using SAML2.  The test IIS server is configured for HTTPS only and it is working fine via a browser (with self signed cert warning ignored).  The problem is that I am unable to get the QlikView iOS app to connect which I want to do for testing to make sure that the SAML2 authentication works on the QlikView mobile app.  The error returned is "Error contacting the server".  The "https://mobile.qlikview.com" access point works fine.  The test IIS server is using a self signed certificate for SSL which I think is causing the issue.  I've even exported the certificate and installed it on the iPad (via opening email attachment in Safari) and it still doesn't work.


      If the issue is the self signed cert, does anybody know how to resolve the issue on iOS or within the QlikView app?